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Department of Computing and Technology

Welcome to the Department of Computing and Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Design and Technology, Uganda Christian University. Established in 2003, the department provides training and research in various science and engineering disciplines, including Computer Science, Data Science, Electronics, information technology, Cybersecurity, Software Engineering, Electronics, Mechatronics, and Robotics.  Join over two decades of students and scholars in pursuing truth, knowledge, and scientific innovation to fulfill God-given purposes.

TRINITY SEMESTER (May - Aug) Running
Undergraduate Programs
The department offers five undergraduate programs in Computer Science, Data Science, Information Technology, Electronics & Communication. We also offer a diploma in Information Technology. All our programs are accredited by NCHE (Please use the left & right arrows to scroll through all the available programs)
Postgraduate Programs

Our graduate programs are designed to provide flexible online/blended course study options for working professionals, enabling them to specialize and master in chosen fields. This helps them become leaders in their workplace and be successful in a competitive industry. Our High-Performance Computing Research Labs, located in Kampala and Mukono, provide a peaceful and conducive environment for postgraduate work. (Use << >>  arrows to navigate the programs)

Short Professional Courses

The world of working is evolving. And that means the skills needed to succeed in this new world are changing, too. Our short professional programs and training will help you advance your knowledge and skills, develop your interests, and deliver a deeper understanding of your subject. Check our shortcourse overview

New Programs (Currently at NCHE for accreditation)

We have a lot more to offer you. We are developing three new programs to meet the demand for skilled professionals in the emerging and fast-growing fields in computer science and engineering ecosystem. (Use << >>  arrows to navigate the programs)

Department News and Updates!

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Our first-year students are showing incredible academic progress in areas fundamentals of computing. Confidence, teamwork, and collaboration are key factors during their journey.
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With the commitment to promote research and innovation directed towards positively impacting the communities in which we live and serve, UCU-funded researchers from various faculties and schools convened to present their progress to the University Directorate of Research

Uganda Christian University has opened applications for undergraduate & postgraduate programs for the September intake‼️

To apply now Tap link🖇️ • http://application.ucu.ac.ug

🎓 Weekend vibes are graduation vibes!
To our class of 2024, Felicitations!
Celebrate your achievements and the journey ahead! 🌟 #Graduation2024 #WeekendVibes

Kudos to the 2024 Information Technology Class for your outstanding efforts. You have established a benchmark for future years. You provided us with the Guild President and the top male graduate. We appreciate your teamwork. Congratulations!


The 2024 Computer Science graduates displayed remarkable energy and brilliance throughout their journey, maintaining a strong sense of purpose from start to finish. Well done!


The Long Walk to Success finally bears fruit.
Congratulations, Sarah & Timothy, the Best overall @UCUniversity graduates! We are proud of you @ucu_ComputEng

🎓 Honoring the Class of 2024! Our esteemed elders celebrate your remarkable journey and the successful completion of your courses. Here's to your bright futures! 🌟 #ucuGraduation2024