Department's 20 Years of Excellence (2003 - 2023)

Started in 2003, the Department of Computing and Technology at Uganda Christian University pioneered the training of science programs and disciplines. Initially offering only one Bachelor’s program (BSc Information Technology), the department grew to include two undergraduate programs and one master’s program by 2013, and four bachelor programs and three master’s programs by 2023. During its first decade of existence (2003 – 2013), the department also gave rise to several other units that have since become independent departments and faculties, such as the Department of Engineering & Environment and the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. We are thankful to the Lord for the contributions the department has made to the UCU community and the nation.

The department is looking to the future by broadening its offerings in new emerging industry 4.0 fields and establishing itself as a hub for research in artificial intelligence, data science, mechatronics engineering, robotics, Cybersecurity and Informatics. To do this, it has launched programs in Data Science, Electronics and Communications and is currently in the process of introducing a BSc in Mechatronics & Robotics Engineering, a PhD in Computer Science & Engineering, MSc in CyberSecurity and Digital Forensics, and a BSc in Industrial & Systems Engineering.

The Department of Computing and Technology strongly emphasizes providing undergraduate students with practical and industrial skills training. Through various practical labs located on campus, undergraduates are given intensive practical instruction in both hardware and software, allowing them to reach technician-level proficiency in their first year of study. These labs include the Electronics and Robotics Lab, Networking Lab, Embedded Systems Lab, Hardware, Automation, and Prototyping Lab. Additionally, we are establishing a Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Thermodynamics Lab and a Manufacturing Processing Lab.

We highly value our students and offer them assistance to help them grow academically and socially. The Student Liaison Office and Code Buddy programs mentor students to become responsible adults who positively impact the tech industry and the country. Through student clubs, Innovation sprints/praxis, and community outreaches, students create innovative projects that address society’s problems and align with the global development agenda.

Our Principles


Discover new skills in the technology space that will boost your development both personally and professionally.


Boost your technical skill set exponentially over time setting you up for success in this rapidly evolving digital era.


With the vast technical experience gained over time, create disruptive innovations that creates new markets and value to the community. Success!

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

We are deeply grateful for the selfless contributions of the remarkable team of previous staff members who have contributed to our success and have since moved on. Your commitment and devotion to the department have been the foundation of our remarkable progress. We thank you, and may God bless you!

A Virtual Tour of the Department

The tour  of the department is  designed for prospective undergraduate, graduate and professional students. You will see how our department looks like, teaching and research labs, students and life in the department. Meet our  admissions representative to learn more about our graduate programs and decide what it the best for you.


Why Join Us?

Being part of the Department of Computing and Technology at Uganda Christian University has contributed to both my professional, spiritual, and leadership development.
HE. Timothy Ddumba
UCU Guild President 2023

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