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Cybersecurity - UCU Chapter

About Us

The Cybersecurity – UCU Chapter (USeC), is a student organisation that provides a relaxed and fun way for cybersecurity enthusiasts to learn and socialize. Participation in the USeC is open to all students with an interest in cybersecurity, regardless of program or prior experience. We seek to cultivate interdisciplinary relationships to strengthen UCU’s security community and network with professionals to give students an inside look at how security impacts all disciplines.

USeC orgnises and hosts contests with a variety of categories, spanning from cryptography to social engineering, to broaden student experiences outside of the classroom and prepare them for external competitions. These contests are a great opportunity for students from all over campus to test their skills against each other as they complete a variety of cyber challenges.

Additional projects and events, provide students opportunities to work with professionals and peers to deepen their knowledge of cybersecurity topics, apply the technical skills they learn in and outside the classroom, and expand their professional network.

The mission of the CyberSecurity – UCU Chapter is to help students take the knowledge they have learned from their classes and help them apply this knowledge to better prepare them for internships and full-time jobs (and all relevant applications therein), and empower members with managerial-level analytical skills that will make them effective in any role or industry.









Why Join USeC?

Pursue a passion.

A creative project. Community betterment. A computer scientist. Whatever it is that you love, the CSE department has a club for it.

Make new friends.

Joining a club is our number one tip for meeting people in college. Connect with fellow Wildcats who have the same interests as you.

Try something new.

This is where you should get out of your comfort zone! You may discover a new skill, or gain a different perspective. All are welcome.

Build your resume.

Future employers are impressed by experience. If you’ve already shown an interest and involvement in your desired career, you’re a step ahead.

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Member Benefits

Access to a unique selection of workshops, speaker events, corporate connections, case competitions and social events that you won’t find with other professional clubs.

Joining the chapter

The USeC Chapter is affiliated to the Computing Students and Engineering Association (CSEA) of Uganda Christian University. To join the Chapter, you must be a member of the Association first.

Please visit the CSEA association page to register and became a member of the association and USeC chapter.

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Chapter Executive Committee
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Timothy Ddumba


BSc. Information Technology


Ninah M.

Vice President

BSc. Computer Science

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Priscila Denise Muwanguzi

Secretary General

BSc. Computer Science

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Conrad William Mabira

Technical Advisor

BSc. Computer Science


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