PGD in Data Science & Analytics

The name of the programme is “Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science and Analytics”, abbrevi-
ated as “PGDDS”. The programme will run at Uganda Christian University, Faculty of Engineering, Design and Technology, Department of Computing and Technology.


The Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science and Analytics is a one-year modular multidisciplinary programme that equips students with new techniques, technologies, and tools for big data acquisition, analysis, modeling and reporting.

The skills acquired on the programme can be applied to many other disciplines, such as finance, business, management, health, agriculture and social sciences.

Programme Aim

  1. Establish successful careers in the field of data science.
  2. Develop original ideas and solve complex problems in different environments, based on advanced knowledge of the principles and methodologies of data science.
  3. Integrate knowledge and handle complexity in data science, mathematics and computer science, formulating sound judgements with incomplete or limited data.
  4. Apply effective communication skills, to make conclusions and the underpinning knowledge and rationale clearly and unambiguously to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

Programme Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply machine learning theory, and algorithms, as well as mathematical and statistical models, to appropriately formulate and use data analyses.
  2. Develop an effective Big Data analytical skills in a real environment.
  3. Obtain a clean data process and transformation of data by using appropriate models of analysis, from results, and investigate potential issues.

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